Entry #32

More ghosts again

2016-10-02 06:17:48 by Kieran-s

New animation is out.http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/682053

Took a bit longer than expected haha whoops. Hopefully next time I work on something I can focus on it more and get it done sooner.

Thanks love ya xoxoxoxoxoxo


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2016-10-02 08:49:59

Beautiful work!!!

Kieran-s responds:

Thankya Tom!


2016-10-02 11:26:46

I love it! Will there be more?

Kieran-s responds:

Thankya, not anytime soon that's for sure.


2016-10-02 17:04:38

this is excellent and i wish it was a series... cool ghosts and concept... :)))
the litle ghostie who becomes weapons is really neat too :)))


2016-10-03 18:36:04

Great work! It went straight into my favourites :D


2016-10-03 23:23:23

This is... Wow, so good... Like, I'll spare the three-page-long analysis and just say that I love it. If I were a producer with resources, I would ask you to make this a series of 4-11 minute-long episodes.


2016-10-12 16:47:11

This is really amazing. I haven't burst out laughing at an animated short like this in a long time. I hope you make episodes.


2016-11-06 00:51:52

Great style